Website design

In order to create attention to your business it is vital to have a website in place, which not only represents the organisation in the best way possible, but also shows what the organisation stands for.

Incorporate business functions in your website. For example, provide customer relationship management or help desk functionality to your staff in order to support business functions. On the website, imbedded functionality will be selected and customised according to your needs.

projectEzone develops web applications for organisations, which can easily be customised in design and added functionality. This allows our clients to provide business functions to their customers and staff, accessible in the internet.

We support your organisation on the journey to a web presence, which represents your corporate identity with customised appearance and proper business functionality. Taking into account your target audience and intended purpose of the web presence, like selling products, customer information, visitor interaction and so forth. In a personal consultation, we elicit your requirements to ensure that your expectations and needs are understood.

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Just a few steps to your new web presence:
1. Personal consultation

Before you sign up for our website design service, we offer you an initial consultation - free of charge - to determine the scope of the project, taking into consideration your corporate identity, the number of pages and any other functionality you require.

After the consultation, we will provide you with a quote for the design and implementation of your website.

2. Pages and features

When you have accepted our offer, we will start a collaborative process to elicit the detailed requirements you have for your web presence.

These may include the pages you need, such as "About us" and "Contact us", and the features you want to provide to your clients, such as a shop and a payment interface, as well as details regarding your corporate identity, such as company logo, special colours or fonts.

3. Design and implementation

Our team, specialists in web design, content creation and data privacy regulations, will work collaboratively with you on your web presence, using an iterative and incremental approach.

We will first develop a template with the basic design, aligned with your corporate identity. Once you have approved the design, we will create the required pages, which you can then fill will your content.

4. Final approval and publishing

When the process is completed and you are happy with the design and the pages, we will add relevant keywords to the pages, for search engine indexing, and publish the website.

To ensure that your new web presence can be found quickly and easily and to create high visibility for your organisation, we will submit your page to various search engines for initial indexing, as part of the "search engine optimisation" process.

We develop your web presence

Your web presence may have as many pages as required, but in the pricing sheet below we assume up to 10 pages. For example, a web presence may comprise Home Page, Company Profile page, Product page, News page, About Us page, Data Policy page, Contact page, etc.

A basic setup in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) improves the visibility of the web presence in the internet.

You may provide your logo, images and other material we should integrate into the web presence.

Fine tuning

In the next step, following the design process, we check all content and present the entire web presence to you for sign off.
As soon as you are satisfied with the result, we support you with the publication of the web presence.

We are happy to further improve your web presence after publication, just call us - alterations are covered by the web site service agreement,

More functionality

Connect business functions with internet technology and provide a business architecture which allows remote and internal staff to work on the same platform. This scenario is also suitable for interacting with clients or partners.

The deployment of internet-based applications is a reliable and secure method to provide an environment, in which users can access data and execute business processes in realtime.

Maintenance service

Websites need uplifting after a while. Alterations on design or content of your web presence requires work and re-publishing.

In accordance with the service agreement we are happy to support you in this uplifting process.

Website Design Service S
Website Design Service S

40€ / month

Setup 190€

  • Consultation plus website development: up to 6 individual pages
  • Website alterations after publication by design services: 1 web page per three months

Label Text
Website Design Service M

55€ / month

Setup 290€

  • Consultation plus website development: up to 8 individual pages
  • Website alterations after publication by design services: 1 web page per two month

Label Text
Website Design Service L

70€ / month

Setup 390€

  • Consultation plus website development: up to 10 individual pages
  • Website alterations after publication by design services: 1 web page per month

Offerings above are for demonstration purposes only. Clients will get a customised quote after the initial consultation, tailored to the needs of customers.

Terms and conditions

  • Initial contract duration 12 months (cancelation to end of the period); after 12 months notification period 30 days.
  • Prices include VAT.
  • Offerings are valid for a limited time only and can be changed at any time without notification.
  • We recommend our Hosting product as a reliable and secure storage facility. If required, domains can be booked at a very competitive price.
  • If your organisation already uses a hosting provider as web space the newly developed website can be deployed to this space.