Web Design
Web design

Organisations of all kinds use an internet presence, for example to sell products and services, as supplement to the brick-and-mortar storefront, to interact with clients or suppliers, or to provide internet-based business applications to employees and external worker.

Working from home or real-time access to company data requires organisations to facilitate reliable and secure business architecture. A customised website should be considered as corner stone for your organisational processes.

Hosting Administration
Hosting administration

projectEzone is hosting partner of IONOS, a leading provider of cloud services and web storage, based in Germany.

As partner we are single point of contact for our clients for the administration of hosting products - configuration of domains, web hosting packages, administration of email accounts and server settings. This extends to SSL certificates, SEO tools and cloud infrastructure.

Do not waste your time with the configuration and monitoring of your web settings … let us do that for you!

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Strategy consulting

Having a business plan is a good starting point for every business, but only if the underlying research has been executed thoroughly and the findings are up-to-date.

Understanding business capabilities and your corporate identity, defining and addressing the target group properly and conducting market research is the foundation for a successful business. Based on these findings it is possible to create a proper price and marketing concept.

projectEzone conducts market research and works on your business plan. With degrees as Master of Business in eBusiness and Communication and more than 25 years in business consulting, we provide the required knowledge and experience to help organisations develop a strategic business concept. Taking a holistic approach considers all environmental forces, in which the organisation is embedded.

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Digitalisation has been on the agenda of organisations for many years now and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Digitalisation aims at transforming organisational processes, using technology wherever possible. The objective is not just to implement software applications to support your business, but also to create a better user experience, speed up organisational processes and minimise response time to client requests.

projectEzone is your partner, when you are ready for your digitalisation journey. We help organisations transform their business processes for a better client experience, with fast responses and seamless communication and interaction.