projectEzone was founded in 2008 in Australia by Klaus and Marion Adomat. The foundation was triggered by the idea to provide integration services to small and medium-sized companies in the area of web applications.

The founders started their career in IT 1974, respectively in 1977 with a formal training in IT and commerce and have been working as Consultant at the brink between IT and business ever since.

Why we strive for long term cooperation with your organisation?

We always had long term work relationships with our clients. it's in the nature of our services, because working as IT consultant is often project-related and not about selling a product. Since our kind of work requires in depth understanding of our client's business processes, and is based on trust and cooperation.

What exactly is our qualification?

The founding member of projectEzone possess degrees as

Master of Business (eBusiness and Communication),

plus certifications and work experience in

  • Business Administration

  • Project Management

  • Requirements Engineering and as

  • Data Protection Officer (GDPR).

These qualification and many years working as consultants at "Big 4" companies and financial institutions, we have a good understanding of business and IT processes.

What is our approach?

Our approach involves eliciting and documenting your business processes and requirements. We then apply legal requirements and regulations, like the EU GDPR to your processes and implement standard software solutions that are highly customisable and will ensure that you get the best possible solution, without stretching the budget.

If your are interested in having a discussion about how we can support your organisation, feel free to request a initial consultation free of charge.