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The Internet is a technology with a wide range of properties that have the potential to change the existing competition in many industries and can even create new industries. It utilises a cheap, reliable standard providing fast interactivity, is designed as a network, mitigates time differences, has a global reach, enables quick and easy communication and can be used as an additional (or only) distribution channel and for product delivery.

When going about business, every profit-oriented organisation depends - more or less - on coordination, commerce, community, content or communication, so it is safe to say that the Internet now has far-reaching influence on each and very organisation´s business model.

This section covers all Internet-based business solutions that projectEzone supports: webCMS, ECM, Groupware, CRM and ERP

Integrated business solutions - even for SMEs?

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man_ripping_hair_outTechnological developments, such as the Internet, have become an indispensable part of everyday business life. Geographical barriers to marketing, supply and delivery have been minimised or even eliminated. Even small and medium-sized businesses are now subject to increased competition on a global level. All market participants, including customers, suppliers, competitors or other organisations are able to operate on one level with each other.

Most companies have adapted to these changes and have used the opportunity to tap into previously inaccessible target markets or to form partnerships with other organisations. At the same time, however, many small businesses recognised that the market demands and associated risks reached a level previously only experienced by large organisations that operated on national or international levels.

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Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not a product or service, it’s an overall business strategy that enables companies to effectively manage relationships with their customers. (…) Most customers leave instead of trying to explain their problem or issue over and over to a different company representative. CRM implies that everyone in the enterprise is focused on the customer. (Khera 2000)

In the last decade, a totally new dimension of business has emerged. Customer relationships are changing continuously. Customer interaction occurs through many different channels. Data about customers and their transactions with the organisation is gathered at every point of contact. Finding ways to extract the information contained in the amassed data, transforming it into knowledge and utilising it to revise business processes, in order to adjust to changing customer values, is the foundation for sustainable business success.

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