projectEzone ... making e-business work for you

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projectEzone ... making e-business work for you
projectEzone specialises in management consulting for small and medium enterprises, the development of business and marketing plans and the management of projects for business transformation and IT system integration.

Our approach

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Many businesses are seeking ways to become more ethical or environmentally sustainable, while in the current global economic environment, some just need guidance to stay alive. There are myriad business consultancies, all over the world; sometimes, it seems there are more consultancies than actual businesses! These consultancies help small, embryonic businesses towards fruition, as well as assist larger businesses that need rejuvenation or adjustment to change. However, the consultancy approach is often one of putting businesses into "boxes" and providing standardised, out-of-the box solutions, not taking into account that every business is different and unique, therefore requiring an individual approach and a tailored solution.

Our approach to business consultancy is based on comprehensive strategic business management and IT consulting experience, up-to-date business and technical knowledge and internationally accepted "best practices" for management and IT consulting. What sets our approach apart from that of other consultancies is that it is flexible, adaptable and complies with high ethical standards.

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Integrated business solutions - even for SMEs?

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man_ripping_hair_outTechnological developments, such as the Internet, have become an indispensable part of everyday business life. Geographical barriers to marketing, supply and delivery have been minimised or even eliminated. Even small and medium-sized businesses are now subject to increased competition on a global level. All market participants, including customers, suppliers, competitors or other organisations are able to operate on one level with each other.

Most companies have adapted to these changes and have used the opportunity to tap into previously inaccessible target markets or to form partnerships with other organisations. At the same time, however, many small businesses recognised that the market demands and associated risks reached a level previously only experienced by large organisations that operated on national or international levels.

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